steve was .NET before .NET was cool is small domain. It currently is used for infrastructure
pertaining to my web-related activities, plus friends and family.
There really isn't much here except for this page.
Eventually I might have web and network stats, but not yet.

Periodically, I get E-mail offering to buy People
see this meager web page here and might think I'm not using the domain for
anything else. I am. So I'll save you the effort and say no in advance. Thanks, though.

And if you're here because someone gave you an E-mail address or
URL with in it, someone was trying to mislead you.
I don't use for anything like E-mail, and this is the only
page on this site. (And there's only been one page here for
the past 11 years.)

Other hosts:

more coming eventually...

[ Last updated: 2007 October 16 ]